Rock Youth (1988) 摇滚青年


Life of Young Rebel in the 1980s

‘A detailed look at Chinese appropriations of western cultural tenets in the form of rock’n’roll music and braking-dancing and illegal lives about affairs and abortion’

Directory of World Cinema: China

Tian Zhuangzhuang is a leading film director and producer in contemporary China.

 ‘A Rare Insight Director’: Interviewed with Tian




Year English Title Chinese Title
1980 Our Corner 我们的小院
1980 The Courtyard 校园
1982 Red Elephant 红象
1984 September 九月
1985 On the Hunting Ground 猎场扎撒
1986 The Horse Thief 盗马贼
1987 Street Players 鼓书艺人
1988 Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids 摇滚青年
1989 Unforgettable Life 特别手术室
1991 Li Lianying: The Imperial Eunuch 大太监李莲英
1993 The Blue Kite 蓝风筝
2002 Springtime in a Small Town 小城之春
2004 Delamu 茶马古道:德拉姆
2006 The Go Master 吴清源
2009 The Warrior and the Wolf 狼灾记

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