A Straight Journey: days and nights in their kingdom (2015) 从黑夜到白天:为同性恋拍照时,我们聊了些什么


“In our Kingdom, there are only nights and never days.” Wrote a Chinese gay writer in the 80s. From 2014-2015, masamojo, a team of two photographers, who are straight people, took a journey across 11 cities in China, making portraits of 48 gays and lesbians and their families. A short film was made during the journey, documenting the stories they told in front of the camera. The portraits and short film A Straight Journey was released in April in China. It was the first time such stories were told on a major platform. It reached a huge audience (with more than 2 million retweets on one of Chinese social networks)and many Chinese saw for the first time what gays and lesbians really look like and what they have been through from the nights to the days.
A Straight Journey won the Best Film in Shanghai Pride Film Festival and is selected for Taiwan Queer Film Festival.

Source Tamtanzania






更多信息 网易访谈


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