Self-Portrait with Three Women(2010)自画像和三个女人

Self-portrait with three women
“A wholehearted attempt to reconcile personal history, from the corporeal to the abstract. With regard to her mother and maternal grandmother as both generational and emotional touch points, Zhang constructs a intimate narrative that blends the boundaries of physical spaces and bodies and dwelling places with the intangible sense of memory, of passed time. Zhang’s approach to her interdisciplinary autobiography is remarkably frank, incorporating voice-over biographical details and archival photographs and letters to set the record spinning into motion.”

 Maya E. Rudolph, dGenerate Films

Filmmaker’s words:

This year I turned 23, the age when women become pregnant with dreams. Yet, even while nursing our own dreams, we must carry the burdens of two other womens’ dreams as well. This film began with my own search, then delving into my mother and her mother, where blood has flowed through three generations, in these women who grew up in such different times. As a victim of an oppressive marriage, my grandmother held hopes for my mother to enter a beautiful, perfect marriage. When my mother became a victim herself, she turned those hopes to me. Marriage may be every girl’s dream, but it is also the murderer of those dreams.

Screened in: Tampere International Film Festival, Finland (2011), Taiwan Documentary Film Festival, 2011, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan, 2011, Docudays, Lebanon, 2011, China Independent Film Festival, Nanjing, 2011, Yunfest, Kunming, 2011, Shadows film festive, Paris, 2012, IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival, India, 2013, Spielart Festival, Munich, 2013) , Chinese Film Festival (Nuremberg, Germany, 2014)









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