The Village Self-Governance(2005)自己的村子

The Folk Memory Project

Voices from China’s 700,000 villages might have always been low, but when a number of those 900 million Chinese villagers start to point their cameras to their home villages and force you to discard your preconceptions and stereotypes with their stories, you cannot fail to recognize the power of documentary films in its most plain and coarse form.  This documentary film tells the story of how ten Chinese villagers become DV story tellers of their home villages in this unprecedented DV project.

Launched in 2005, the China Villager Documentary Project is initiated and implemented byCaochangdi Workstation where is an independent art space in Beijing. Ten villagers based in nine different provinces were selected at the end of the project’s Call for Proposal. The ten successful candidates each received a video camera and production trainings at Caochangdi and went back to their home villages for a month to shoot their proposed films. They came back to Caochangdi in December 2005 to complete the postproduction editing for their first documentary shorts. During the years of 2006 and 2007, Caochangdi Workstation continued the project independently by organizing three post-production training workshops (May 2006, May 2007, October 2007) at Caochangdi for selected villager filmmakers. By the end of 2007, four of the ten filmmakers have completed their first feature-length documentary films. As part of a larger project that shall carry on in future years, all the three films share the same title: My Village 2006.

Language: Chinese (English and Chinese subtitles)

Curator: WU Wenguang

Coordinator: JIAN Yi

95 minutes;   Produced in December 2005




更多请阅读  凤凰周刊访谈《艺术家吴文光:创作者本身的跨界让我看到未来》



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