The Folk Memory Project 民间记忆计划

Benefited from the ‘Village Documentary project (2005-2013)’, Caochangdi Workstation have had a series of projects for documentary and performance. In the summer of 2009, we began a documentary film project to chronicle the events that took place between the “3 year famine” period of 1959 and 1961. By the summer of 2010, we had 21 people… Continue reading The Folk Memory Project 民间记忆计划

Villager Documentary Project 村民影像计划

Launched in 2005, the China Villager Documentary Project is initiated and implemented by Caochangdi Workstation where is an independent art space in Beijing. Ten villagers based in nine different provinces were selected at the end of the project’s Call for Proposal. The ten successful candidates each received a video camera and production trainings at Caochangdi… Continue reading Villager Documentary Project 村民影像计划

A Straight Journey: days and nights in their kingdom (2015) 从黑夜到白天:为同性恋拍照时,我们聊了些什么

“In our Kingdom, there are only nights and never days.” Wrote a Chinese gay writer in the 80s. From 2014-2015, masamojo, a team of two photographers, who are straight people, took a journey across 11 cities in China, making portraits of 48 gays and lesbians and their families. A short film was made during the… Continue reading A Straight Journey: days and nights in their kingdom (2015) 从黑夜到白天:为同性恋拍照时,我们聊了些什么

The Village Self-Governance(2005)自己的村子

Voices from China’s 700,000 villages might have always been low, but when a number of those 900 million Chinese villagers start to point their cameras to their home villages and force you to discard your preconceptions and stereotypes with their stories, you cannot fail to recognize the power of documentary films in its most plain… Continue reading The Village Self-Governance(2005)自己的村子

Self-Portrait with Three Women(2010)自画像和三个女人

“A wholehearted attempt to reconcile personal history, from the corporeal to the abstract. With regard to her mother and maternal grandmother as both generational and emotional touch points, Zhang constructs a intimate narrative that blends the boundaries of physical spaces and bodies and dwelling places with the intangible sense of memory, of passed time. Zhang’s… Continue reading Self-Portrait with Three Women(2010)自画像和三个女人

Rock Youth (1988) 摇滚青年

Life of Young Rebel in the 1980s ‘A detailed look at Chinese appropriations of western cultural tenets in the form of rock’n’roll music and braking-dancing and illegal lives about affairs and abortion’ Directory of World Cinema: China Tian Zhuangzhuang is a leading film director and producer in contemporary China.  ‘A Rare Insight Director’: Interviewed with… Continue reading Rock Youth (1988) 摇滚青年